About MicroTrek

MicroTrek is a C corporation established in California by the founders who are also the owners.

MicroTrek was established in 2013 with the goal of providing high quality microbial analysis initially for the food and beverage industry.  The company uses modern molecular biology and high-throughput techniques to comprehensively detect and identify microorganisms in samples and the environment.  Methods utilizing next generation sequencing were developed in the laboratory of Professor David Mills at the University of California at Davis.  Samples can be drawn from any part of the process and include swabs of machinery and areas used in production.  When multiple samples are taken over a time course, MicroTrek can track the appearance and movement of specific spoilage or pathogenic microbes throughout the production process and facility.  We provide easy to understand reports that include identification as well as spacial, temporal and quantitative information.

Dr. Paul Richardson, Founder, CEO

Dr. Paul Richardson has over 30 years of experience in molecular biology, microbiology and genomics.  He was previously vice president for global R&D at Progentech (later Gentura Dx), a molecular diagnostics company.  Prior to this, Dr. Richardson spent 10 years at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and the US Department of Energy Joint Genome Institute where he was head of programs including Technology Development, Functional Genomics, and the Microbial Genomics.  Dr. Richardson is an expert in DNA sample preparation, sequencing technology and microbial genomics.

Dr. David Mills, Founder

Dr. David Mills is a Professor in the Departments of Viticulture & Enology and Food Science & Technology at the University of California at Davis. Dr. Mills studies the molecular biology and ecology of bacteria that play an active role in fermented foods and beverages. In the last 20 years Dr. Mills has mentored over 30 graduate students and postdocs and published more than 100 papers. Dr. Mills has served as a Waksman Foundation Lecturer for the American Society for Microbiology and currently serves as an associate editor for the journal Microbiology.  In 2010 Dr. Mills was awarded the Cargill Flavor Systems Specialties Award from the American Dairy Science Association and in 2012 he was named the Peter J. Shields Chair in Dairy Food Science. Dr. Mills also serves on the Science/Research Advisory Boards of several food and health-focused companies and his research has helped launch two start-up companies.

Dr. Nick Bokulich, Founder, Chief Technical Officer

Dr. Nick Bokulich is an award-winning scientist who developed the key bioinformatics pipelines for microbiota analysis used by MicroTrek Inc.  Dr. Bokulich has over 20 publications in the area of microbial ecology including seminal work to map microbial movement into and through food and wine production facilities.   Dr. Bokulich has received numerous awards for his thesis work and is a frequent speaker in the wine and brewing industries.

Dr. Kyria Boundy-Mills, Founder

Dr. Kyria Boundy-Mills is curator of the Phaff Yeast Culture Collection at the University of California Davis, the fourth largest public collection of wild yeasts in the world. She is a recognized expert in yeast taxonomy and microbial ecology and has authored numerous taxonomic publications including new yeast species description and taxonomic treatise chapters. She is currently a commissioner on the International Commission on Yeast, serves on the steering committee of the US Culture Collection Network and is on the executive board of the World Federation for Culture Collections.  Dr. Boundy-Mills frequently interfaces with the food and beverage industry on issues relating to fungal fermentation and spoilage.