MicroTrek Technology


MicroTrek utilizes our expertise in DNA purification from diverse sample types as a starting point to make high quality libraries for next generation sequencing. We process samples by isolating DNA, amplifying universal regions of microbial DNA, and then sequence that DNA to identify microorganisms (microbes) present in the sample.


As a basic service, we provide identification of microbes (bacteria and eukaryotes) present and a measure of their abundance. Our proprietary bioinformatics pipeline results in high confidence identification of all known taxa present and we display these results in an easy to understand graphic user interface.

Customized Output

We can also translate this information into a specialized pattern and mapping output for clients interested in customized output.

1. Samples

MicroTrek services taking samples

2. Extract DNA

MicroTrek services extracting DNA

3. Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

MicroTrek services Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

4. Next Generation Sequencing

MicroTrek services Next Generation Sequencing

5. Identify fungal and bacterial populations in all samples simultaneously

MicroTrek services identify microbial populations simultaneously